Work/Life is an Austin based consulting practice, owned and operated by Melissa Schenker, dedicated to helping individuals get the most out of their work lives.

Clients come to Work/Life to address any sort of work related dilemma. Work is an integral part of your larger personal life, purpose and goals, so your professional world is considered within this larger context. Some clients want a completely new career direction, while others want support to make a decision, maintain focus, avoid burnout, figure out how to work with a difficult colleague, or sort out priorities (in life, a project or new venture).

The common denominator of all Work/Life clients is a need for clarity and motivation for change. Whether you are an entrepreneur creating or growing an enterprise, a dissatisfied attorney, an artist seeking to grow your game, a manager wondering what is next, or a young person seeking direction or life skills, a process can be customized to your particular needs.

Each engagement is unique, crafted based upon each particular client's needs. The process (which happens face to face or virtually) is characterized by guidance through conversation, questions, listening and reflecting. The end result is usually a deeper understanding of who you are in the world, what you want to contribute, and how you want to go about making that happen.