Our first interaction is usually a brief 20-30 minute conversation over the phone or in person, simply to determine if we are a good fit.

how it worksWhen you are ready, we set an initial appointment and get started. A 90-minute first appointment is recommended. Appointment lengths are most commonly 50-60 minutes, but vary dependent upon a client's needs. Local clients can choose office or phone sessions, while long distance clients work over the phone. Email and text are common with all clients. Appointments can be arranged through email, phone, or text.

Working with me will be like therapy in that it's an intense, conversationally focused process. It will differ from therapy in that it is very practically oriented, focused primarily on the here and now. (This process complements therapy very nicely.) Frequently, there are things to do between sessions.

During our work together, my job is to ask questions, provide ways for you to discern what is important, offer tools to explore the lay of the land, and support you make change happen. I listen deeply and reflect what I learn about you back to you, keeping your core motivations and essence in mind. I create a path so that you can relax into the learning. Your job is to engage fully in the process, notice your stuck places, and provide feedback so the process can adjust to your needs.

You will complete our work together with deeper self-knowledge as well as tools, strategies, resources and contacts that you'll be able to use throughout your career and the next time you want to make a transition.